Recruitment of talents
Talent concept: people oriented, both ability and moral integrity, get the best of people and make the best of them Only when the employees develop, can the enterprise develop. The company regards human resources as the most valuable asset of the enterprise, and is committed to the establishment, perfection and continuous improvement of the talent recognition and employment mechanism, so as to truly achieve the goal of getting people and making the best of their talents. The company strives to build a "channel" and a "bridge" for the growth of employees in the process of cultivating, educating and using talents, combining the personal career planning of employees with the development of enterprises, so as to realize the win-win situation of employee growth and enterprise development.
Personnel training: adhere to the combination of all staff training and special training, and create a good atmosphere for all staff learning and lifelong learning. In the way of training, the combination of internal training and external training is adopted. Internally, the company has a team of trainers who are proficient in business and standardized in management; externally, the company insists on jointly running schools with colleges and universities. At the same time, there are also various forms of staff training, such as temporary job training and post exchange.

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